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Foreign Travel Immunization  Consultation


"Every year, more and more Americans are traveling internationally- for vacation, business, volunteerism, and to visit family and friends. Health risks for travelers are higher in developing countries and rural areas because of differences in sanitary conditions, available food and water sources and immunization coverage. In developed areas, health risks are similar to those in the United States. Your risk of becoming ill while traveling depends in part on where you are traveling, the length of stay, activities while traveling, your health and your vaccine history.


"Immunization is one of the best forms of protection for all travelers. In addition to travel-related vaccines, CDC advises you make sure you are up-to-date with all routine vaccinations before you travel. Many Vaccine preventable diseases rarely seen in the United States are still prevalent in other parts of the world." -CDC



Wabash County Health Department offers FREE

travel immunization consultation to those who will be leaving the country. We recommend that you schedule an appointment 4-6 weeks before departure at 618-263-3873 or stop by our office located at 130 W. 7th Street Mt. Carmel, IL, 62863.


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