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TB Testing


"Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease that is spread through the air from one person to another. 


A POSITIVE SKIN TEST: "means the person's body was infected with the TB Bacteria. Additional tests will be needed to determine if the person has latent TB infection or TB disease. A healthcare worker will then provide treatment as needed" (this also is a communicable disease that the WCHD will have to report to the state and follow up with the client).


A NEGATIVE SKIN TEST: "means the person's body did not react to the test, and that latent TB infection or TB disease is not likely."



People that should be tested for TB bacteria that are more likely to get TB disease include:


*People who have spent time with someone who has TB disease


*People with HIV Infection or another medical problem that weakens the immune system


*People from a country where TB disease is common (most countries in Latin America, the Carribean, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia)


*People who have symptoms of TB disease (fever, night sweats, cough and weight loss)


*People who live or work somewhere in the United States where TB disease is more common (homeless shelters, prison or jails or nursing homes)


*People who use illegal drugs

To Schedule a TB test, please call the

Wabash County Health Department located

at 130 W. 7th Street, Mt. Carmel IL, 62863

or call at 618-263-3873.


A return visit is required for TB test reading

within 48-72 hours.


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